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  • Equality legislation should put an end to discrimination against disabled people. Disabled people are entitled to the same level of service as everyone else and all goods and service providers, including public authorities, must take reasonable steps to ensure disabled people can access their goods and services. However, even though it is over 20 years since equality legislation was first passed into law, many providers still fail to meet the minimum legal requirements.

    There are no enforcement bodies to help disabled people obtain their legal rights in relation to goods and services, so disabled people generally have to instigate their own action through the courts, which is a daunting prospect for most.

    Arun Access Group is a community group, run by volunteers. We focus on improving access for all disabled people to venues providing services and goods in both the public and private sectors within the Arun District. We work with Arun District Council, it's partner agencies and with local businesses with the objective of ensuring full compatibility with disability discrimination and equality legislation.

    We undertake access audits and surveys and we are in the process of compiling the Arun Access Guide which will provide accurate and up to date information about access to venues across the district.

    We also run a number of projects and campaigns details of which can be found on the 'News' page.

    To contact Arun Access Group please email: contact@arunaccessgroup.org.uk

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